Upgrade to 2.08

I am in the middle of upgrading from 135sp4 to 2.08 and so far have installed 2.08 into a dir on server and have done all the DB upgrades. I change the skin to my store on the new 2.08 through admin panel and that’s okay but my logo’s are gone and all the pics in my site point to the old images folder in the root folder and that’s also where my customer logo’s are… I am afraid to finish the upgrade because it will overwrite this folder won’t it? Do I have to copy the images folder into the new dir 2.08 dir?? Or should my images already be within the new folders?

I stuffed up an upgrade last year and don’t want to do it again if I can help it…



Before upgrading do a full backup of your skin and your image folder. I find it’s best to upload all these files to the new installation. I back up my skin for every upgrade from 2.0.8 to 2.0.11 especially the styles.css and any images I’ve customized. Version 2 calls all images from the file system so you’ll need to have them there.

Roban was helping me with the upgrade from 1.3.5sp3 to 2.0.8. Probably because there’re bugs in the upgrade package. Some pricing on the invoices are messed up. I have whole price + product discount. Anyhow, thanks for his help. :slight_smile: