Upgrade to 2.0.10, Add to Cart pop up not working


I have just ungraded to 2.0.10 but the new Add to Cart pop up isn’t displaying correctly, the template has been customised quite a bit so not sure if its is anything to do with some missing CSS. After upgrade I just copied the older versions of style & style base css files across.

If you look here and click Add to Cart you’ll see the problem…

[URL=“oakleafdisplay.com - oakleafdisplay Resources and Information.”]oakleafdisplay.com - oakleafdisplay Resources and Information.

Anybody got any ideas or am I best reverting back to 2.0.8?

Thanks in advance


It looks fine to me in Fire Fox and IE8

Managed to find the missing CSS using Firebug, real pain though as I only had a few seconds after clicking Add to Cart to Firebug it before the pop up faded away!!!

Have setup a few carts which have been heavily customised, think i’ll leave them at 2.0.8.

what was the missing css, I am having a similar issue