Upgrade Tips And Info (4.0.3 To 4.1.1++)


I'm preparing to upgrade 4.0.3 shop to 4.1.1 and up.

I'm worried about the new templates introduced in 4.1.1.

Will the look and design I have in 4.0.3 be kept in the upgrade?

I have not changed the look/design however I have made a number of changes to the code such as:

  1. added functionality to show items as “out of stock, in stock or pre-order” in item page detail and also in the listings.

    2)Show “free shipping” label on picture in item page detail and listings.

  2. Changed the email invoices slightly.

    Most of these were done in the default template.

    How difficult will this be and are there any guidelines / tips to upgrading with some slight code changes?

No tips?

I document all code changes in a text file that lists the file/path changed.

The files themselves (PHP, templates, CSS, etc) all include inline comments showing the original code and changes. Use some common value in you comments so you can instantly search your files for your changes (like Q EDIT).

Then I can upgrade and reapply as necessary.

In V4, I think it is also beneficial to make a copy/clone of your Layout before upgrades and particularly before switching to a Responsive Theme.

Thanks for the tips, I've been a bit sloppy with this one and did not document all changes.

However I have marked most files with an easily found signature.

When switching to the new responsive theme, can I reproduce the exact same look and layout?