Upgrade store import - producs all 404?

I’m trying to upgrade to 3.0.6 and did a store import. It got stuck at about 25% then went back to the original page. It looks like it got the products (without images), but when I click on preview or preview as admin, it goes to the correct url but shows a 404 error. all items are showing active. Categories on the storefront all show no products, even though the products exist and assigned correctly. SEO is turned on and working with categories. Support is slow to respond. any thoughts? Thanks!

Images almost always go amiss when upgrading to V3 from V2, or so I have found in my experience.

Have a look at your V2 and V3 databases, look at the cscart_seo_names table. Compare a few ID's between the databases, is the name value the same? That's yet another table which seems to head south when using the store import.

Also check the value for 'RewriteBase' value in the .htaccess file of the V3 install. Also check the store_path in config.local.php is correct.

Tried with no success. Thanks for trying though! Will continue to wait for cscart support