Upgrade Problem


I’f got a upgrade problem with one of my stores, the Admin Page is blank, and the store front gives the error


Page Not Found

The page you have requested cannot be found.

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I hope anyone can help


After re-uploading and reinstalling the files, restore the database, it says this:

Database error: Table '*nameofthewebsite*.cscart_language_values' doesn't exist (1146)
Invalid query: SELECT value FROM cscart_language_values WHERE lang_code = 'NL' AND name = 'products'

File: D:\www\*url*\www\core\fn.database.php
Line: 311
Function: db_error
File: D:\www\*url*\www\core\fn.database.php
Line: 132
Function: db_query
File: D:\www\*url*\www\core\fn.common.php
Line: 267
Function: db_get_field
File: D:\www*url*\www\core\fn.search.php
Line: 38
Function: fn_get_lang_var
File: D:\www\*url*\www\init.php
Line: 193
Function: fn_init_search
File: D:\www\*url*\www\index.php
Line: 22
Function: require


-edit never mind-