Upgrade Problem

Good evening,

I have problem with the upgrade progress (4.3.5 to 4.3.6).
I had tried to upgrade 4 or 5 times because of power outage we had in the area. Now i am trying to do the upgrade and i am receiving the message "Backup data for: cscart_destination_elements" for many ours and the system through me out and taking the message "unauthorized access". I logged in again and after a few hours thw system through me out again.

Now i am to same point ( "Backup data for: cscart_destination_elements") for about 15 hours and i donot know what is going on. Can anyone please help me, cause my store is down for all these.

Thank you.

It seems that the upgrade dies due to timeout on your server. Please contact your server administrator and ask him/her to increase all timeouts on your server to maximum possible. If the issue is still there please contact us via Help Desk so we can examine the issue in more detail.