Upgrade PLEASE HELP set config.php manually :(


Im trying to upgrade from v135 p3 to 135 p4 in order to be able to upgrade further to 2.0.4 (not possible from 135 p3) I use Store manager and everything went very well but at the end I got 3 errors. Two of them I could fix through "AUTO" but last one says : "config.php - All conflicts in config.php MUST BE resolved manually"
This is where I
m stuck. How do I know what conficts and what to do:confused:

Please anybody.

Thank You in advance

Doesn’t it show you what the differences are? It shouldn’t be that different. Make the changes manually and continue.

Thank you for your reply. This is the problem, I have no idea what to do?

It doesnt show anything except. All I see is:
User Files: local/upgrade_modified/config.php
Latest: local/upgrade_package/latest/config.php
Original: local/upgrade_package/original/config.php
s it. Whatever I click: AUTO, Resolve, Use Mine, Use latest file all comes to the same message: “config.php - All conflicts in config.php MUST BE resolved manually”

Any idea? PLEASE

I haven’t used Store Manager in quite some time but I believe you need to open the file (within Store Manager) and make the changes manually then save. It will show you the differences and you need to delete the portions that are in red.

Thank You again.

Please see attached screenshot from “Action” This is the only way I can see it through Store Manager. There is no red, just info about action.


If I remember correctly, after the process was done, another screen would open to allow you to view conflicting files and make changes if needed.

Sorry for late reply. There is no another window to view conflicts. The thing is that I try to do this x times and it already remember upgrade file, so the process takes seconds and already shows me confict without any additional information:confused: :-?

In your first post you said you were able to fix files with the “Auto” fix. This is where you should have been able to open the config file to make the changes manually.