Upgrade Path From 4.1.1

Hello All,

I'm currently working with a client that has a fairly old version of CS cart, 4.0.3 that was a pre-license version(community edition?), and I was successfully able to upgrade them to 4.1.1. At this point however, I'm unable to go any further. The next step appears to be 4.1.1 -> 4.1.2, however, it gives an error of failing to extract files from the archive. The version that I am on now is currently running on php v5.4.x, and as we know, that's been depreciated for some time. When I attempt to run this version on 7.x, it gives errors for what appears to be depreciated php calls, so I can't run it yet until the version is up to a point that supports v7.x

So, based upon this information, it poses a few questions...

  1. Is there an upgrade path from the starting version I was on, 4.0.3, to the most recent in the 'freeware/community' version, which I presume this is?
  2. If so, where would I be able to directly download the updates, if they are available for this installation type(freeware/community)?
  3. Which version level provides PHP 7.x support?

Thanks for any guidance.



Please try with php 5.6

Best regards