Upgrade Issue: Vendor-To-Admin Payments

Hi everybody,

I encountered some unexpected behaviour while upgrading to 4.12.1.

After the first successful round I noticed cscart sending email notifications to some vendors which I had not see before. Usually I deactivate almost all email notifications to gain some control. After the upgrade I found at least two new notifications which where linked to the updated add-on vendor-to-admin payments - and they were activated and were fired in the moment the upgrade was ready (which came as a surprise, luckily only for some test vendors).

So I went back to the older version, deactivated the old add-on, rerun the upgrade. The Addon remained deactivated, but the new notifications did not only come back but were again activated.

So I went back again, deinstalled the Addon, rerun the upgrade. Again: The Addon remained uninstalled, but the notifications were still there - and again activated.

As far as I could see, no mails where sent this time - but before updating my live system, I need to know if I can be sure that this will be the case. I don't want any mails to be sent to vendors regarding suspension, but I am concerned that even with a deinstalled addon some of them might get a mail, because the deactivation/deinstallation of the addon is not properly executed.

Hoping for help