Upgrade from upgrade center

Today I receive a message about the new version. I went to the Upgrade Center, and there is a button for Install, but no Download for later upgrade.

  1. How long will the new version package be there?
  2. Is it possible to upgrade after skipping some versions like from 2.0.12 to 2.1.0?

  1. Until you remove it.
  2. No

Wow, so upgrade is mandatory. That is risky for people to continuously change the code. Well, it might give the job security though :slight_smile:

Thanks, Tool

It’s not mandatory. If you don’t want to upgrade and don’t want the reminder popping up, just remove your license key.

Well, unless i use the current version forever I have to upgrade some day. Then I have to upgrade all missing versions one by one to the up-to-date. Right?

Then it would be more difficule to fix the problems due to upgrade.