Upgrade from Prossionel to Vendor Edition (have you tried?)

Hi all

I have bought and start using (on a still not open webshop) the CS-Cart Professionel Edition.

A change in plans makes the Vendor Edition more suitable for my project and I therefore are considering to make the upgrade.

Has anyone tried this and can tell a little about which info is lost?

  • There are no actual products on the website yet, so these are no loss, but can I keep all/some of the settings in the admin?

  • Shall I make a completely clean install, so everything is lost?

  • Can I keep the manually added template?


Hello en_god_ide,

Thank you for your message.

You can upgrade your CS-Cart Professional Edition installation to Multi-Vendor Edition with using the Upgrade Center feature. You can use instructions in the How to upgrade CS-Cart Community Edition Knowledge base article:


Though this article describes upgrading CS-Cart Community Edition to CS-Cart Professional Edition, the steps are the same. There is no need to make a clean CS-Cart installation in this case. Note that your settings in the CS-Cart admin panel will not be affected when the store is upgraded.

As regards the manually added template, unfortunately, I cannot tell that for sure. It depends on what template exactly you added and the way it was added as well.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

Hello Pavel

Thank you - I gave it a go and are up and running with Vendor.