Upgrade From 2.x.x To 4.x.x

Hi guys, I was excited to pay for the upgrade from 2.3 to the latest 4.x.x I followed the instructions to install the new version on sub directory but when I tried to import the store from getmyusmail.com to getmyusmail.com/40x the import stalls after a minute and goes back to step two.

So I was told that i should create .php and instruct the server no to time out but did not know what to do as I am kind of a newbie the support staff at CS cart wanted more money to help!

Can you please give me a hand?

I'm pretty much a rookie too, but I thought I would ask if you knew if there was enough space on the server to install another copy.

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I'm pretty much a rookie too, but I thought I would ask if you knew if there was enough space on the server to install another copy.


Yes. I checked and I have plenty of space, I been reading this forum and I guess unless you are willing to dish out more money, this upgrade is useless

It's like a garage offering a new version of fuel for your car. It's always going to give varying results in different cars. Unfortunately nobody can give an exact answer which will resolve your issues before they see what you're working with.

Where were you told to increase the server time out? Note:- disabling the time out would be just as bad as not having the timeout set to a low value, both will at some point inevitably bring your site to its knees to some degree.

How you make changes depends on your hosting environment, who your host is and what level of access they provide. If it truly is “timing out”, then there will likely be a log of it - do you have access to the logs? Or are you just judging this on the fact you have a similar experience (i.e. step 3 returns to step 2)? You may or may not be able to override such settings on a shared hosting plan - but this all depends on your host and what they offer. Your best bet is to ask your host to confirm the errors logged, if you do not have access to the server logs yourself, ask the host to rectify (i.e. increase timeout, or other fix), and if 'all is well' from the hosting point of view, contact CS-Cart support.

I'm on 2.13. We did so many customizations that we refrained from updating all these years. In my 30 years of IT experience, my gut would tell me, aside from the customizations, there's a really high potential to run into issues with migrating the “stock” data two full versions up - I wouldn't be surprised it could turn into a nightmare for some.

Can anyone comment that has gone from 2.x to 4.x what their experience was like?

I am still on 2.2.4 Pro. I am waiting for a later version of 4.xx to upgrade, possibly 4.1.4.

I would like to know if CS-Cart does/will continue to provide a upgrade tool from 2.2.4 to the latest version, or will I have to upgrade to an intermediate version before going to the latest?



We are in 2.2.5 and we are soon going live to 4.1.3.

We are in design mode now.

During upgrade we didn't have any problem.

In 5 minutes the new store was ready.

The only thing we had to do was the blocks and design.

We have successfully upgraded 2 of our CS2.2.4 pro sites to 4.1.? Both of them went quite smoothly, but I tried very hard to not change core. Who's to say what some of the add-ons/mods I've bought have done. I am now working on my 3rd site to import/upgrade and it is not working. It is probably the site with the least amount of modifications and has next to no add-ons, but it still gets hung up. So I'm not voting that every thing is “easy” quite yet. You do have to edit more than just the blocks, for some reason they don't import any of the basic information about your company so you have to edit that too.

I'm having the exact same issue. It does the backup portion and then some of the import, then it just stops and goes back to the second step. Nothing is imported in the tables.

Did you even find a solution to this problem?

The problem was fixed by excluding the cache tables from the store import.

I don't get it. How can you guys go from 2x to 4x on the SAME server ?

I currently have 3.0.6 running well on a legacy server because PHP upgrades

caused the cart to almost stop dead.

My 3.0.6 just won't run on PHP 5.4 and 4.1.3 won't run on older PHP versions.

My only solution is to set up 4.1.3 on a separate server ( while keeping 3.0.6

running on the old server ) then go through what looks like a nightmare importing

my 3.0.6 database to the mew 4.1.3 installation.

Is there a KB article ( that is actually useful ) to cover this situation ??

The support boys want more than I can afford just now.


I have 2.2.4 Pro and will performing an upgrade to the latest version. I have PHP 5.2. I was told to upgrade to 5.3 version, which I am doing soon. It seems like both versions can coexist on 5.3, but not 5.4.


That's great news Bob. Will quiz support then get my web host to drop PHP 5.3 on the legacy server.

Fingers crossed.

Seems OK now for me to go ahead except…

I can't find a KB article that described how to install the newer version in a separate folder etc.

All the articles deal with fresh installations and there is no upgrade package for 3.0.6 > 4.1.3


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All the articles deal with fresh installations and there is no upgrade package for 3.0.6 > 4.1.3



I used this Knowledge Base article to upgrade from 3.0.6 to 4.1.3:

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

  1. Simply upload uncompressed files to a sub-directory. (I just created a new sub-directory and named it v4.)
  2. Create a new database and give your database username admin permissions to it. (I just created a new database via cPanel and named it v4.)

    3, Get your host to upgrade your PHP version to 5.3 (with Phar included). Both v3 and v4 will run on PHP 5.3.
  3. Run installation.

    The upgrade with store import tool was very simple and straight forward to use. It was one of the easiest transitions that CS-Cart has rolled out yet. When I went from v2 to v3, I did it all manually via exporting database tables from the old, adding columns when needed, and importing the data into the new version - this was very time consuming. I did this before the v2 to v3 store importer was released.

    This is as close as you are going to get to an “upgrade package”, and it's even better than that. It allows for BOTH the old store and the new store to exist side by side so there is no interruption in business.

Thanks Magpie Don.

When I figure out exactly where to place this new folder I will have a go.

I assume it's in the area inside the public_html folder but will have to make sure first.

Yes, just create it in the public_html folder so the path to the new store will be www.domainname.com/v4

You got nothing to lose as long as you install the new v4 data into a new database, and the new v4 files into a new sub-directory.

Both your existing store and the new store reside side by side.

I've did it with v2 to v3 and then moved v3 to the root manually.

You should be engaged to make the CS-Cart User Manuals 'User' friendly.

Seems straightforward now. Just one little clarification.

How do I make the store 'live'.

Do I rename the V4 store folder to 'public_html', rename the existing 'public_html' folder

to 'Oldstore' and move the new 'public_html' to the web root ?

When all is fine I suppose that I can then simply delete the 'Oldstore' folder and it's database

if space gets tight.

I have not gotten that far in the upgrade yet. I'm still making modifications to the v4 store.

But, according to the KB article on Store Importer the final step is to make the store live. I suspect that CS-Cart is just going to do a redirect to the sub-directory. I don't want to do that, so I'll move the v3 store into a sub-directory and put the v4 store into the root of the public_html folder manually and not forget to update the config.local.php file that is included with the v4 store (remove the sub-directory from the path to the store).

It was really pretty cool that the v4 install looked at the database for the v3 store an copied everything into the new store. I was impressed by that. The KB article says that the final step updates the new store with the new data from the live store (data like orders, customers and products) that has been added since the first import before making the store live. That's smart.

So far I have only run the upgrade process on a domain name that is not live, but has its own CS-Cart license. I wanted to see what kind of problems I was going to run into before doing it on the store that makes me a living!

So far I have determined that the upgrade is MOSTLY painless for me because all my mods and styles are in my_changes (with a few documented exceptions). In reality however, with the pending v4.2 coming I have decided to wait until v4.2 has been released to do an upgrade to my main store. Time is precious and I can't spend all the time it will take to upgrade to v4.1.3, to only turn around and upgrade again to 4.2 - which I suspect will be more work on account of the responsive design. The responsive design is worth waiting for. My v3 store has all the features (except one) that I want in a retail store and I'll have to repurchase some addons after the upgrade, so there are financial reasons as well.

I thought I would install 4.1.3 and get support to do the rest.

Installing is something that even I can do.

25 support credits to shift the data…not a bad price at all.

THEN because only FTP was available they said that I had to

deal with the image files myself ???

Why couldn't THEY do it ???

If I have to do part myself I indicated that I may as well attempt

the whole thing myself.

No such thing as an easy life…lol

Clarification by support'''

“Copying the images via FTP will take a lot of time. That is why we do not usually do it.”

4.1.3 now installed but my 3.0.6 runs much faster.

Will look for tweeks. If it can't beat my 3.0.6 then

I will stay put.