Upgrade from 2.2 to 4.0


I have been on CS-Cart 2.2 for 3 years now…want to migrate to 4.0…however, the reason i held on to 2.2 till now was that i fear that the upgrade will result in me losing my precious URLS for which iv spent thousands of dollars in SEO…

Last time i migrated from Oscommerce to CS Cart it took me 3 years to get my rankings and SEO back as all URLS were lost…and i heard that since CS Cart 3+ requires a fresh installation it can result in losing the URLs…is that so? Is there any way to ensure that all URLS are preserved during the migration? Can anyone help me in this regard? I would love to move to CS Cart 4.0 but not at the cost of my URLs…also is the 4.0 interface heavy? 2.2 was very heavy and i had to change hostings 3 times during 3 years each time my traffic increased…eventually had to move to a dedicated server due to the very high cpu consumption…so is 4.0 lighter or heavier?

I've done an upgrade from 2.2.4 to 4.0.3 (not yet live) and the product urls didnt change. i had “friendly urls” turned on to begin with though, so not sure if urls like; index.php?dispatch=cart.view (or whatever) have changed.

Best thing to do is run the store import to CSC 4 setup in a subfolder. Check it all out before you go live.

Don't know if this helps, but all these precious urls are actually saved in the cscart_seo_names table. So, in the worst case, you could just copy them from the old database (maybe with a little script). Done in 20 minutes, if you know some PHP.