Upgrade folder


I have a quick question

Is it ok to delete the old upgrade folders from your CART?

In var/upgrade I still have the upgrade_2.0.3-2.0.4.tgz and all the others to the last 2.23 version.

Also if ok to delete will it be better from FTP or admin area upgrade-Remove backup files?


remove em by FTP…youll never need em but if your a bit paranoid, save them to your pc before you delete. Just keep say the previous one.


Thanks for the reply johnbol1

Not really paranoid but wanted to be sure. Seems like they just taking up space

Thanks again

Always best to use the administrative interface to perform actions whenever it's available. The Upgrade Center provides a link for removing backup files which will effectively empty your upgrade directory but leave the packages.xml file, etc. Generally, an admin interface will do housekeeping that deleting things might not. Just an opinion…

Thanks tbirnseth

Also much faster that way.

Tried in the admin panel and worked like a charm

Thanks for all the help.