Upgrade Failed

Hello guys,

Today, we tried to update our CS-Cart, but we got any error!

Luckily we copied the restore link and backed the files up before we do the upgrade.

The problem is that we still get “[font=Courier][size=3]Error occured[/size][/font]” even when we use the restore link!

Please help if you ever faced such an issue.


File permissions.

It's most likely that you are either using suPHP with the DSO permissions that CS-Cart ships with


It's likely that you have corruption within /var/compiled/* & /var/cache/*


You've got a database error that could be resolved by 'repairing' via PHPMyAdmin

Hi Jesse,

I appreciate your help.

I was wondering if you know the solution for the first 2 possibilities.

Thank you

First possibility - Check permissions

Second possibility - Delete /var/compiled/ & /var/cache/