Upgrade Error (Stupid Mistake)

My store sits on my production server, and I keep a copy on my local development server. I went to upgrade the version on the production server, but I still had the development server IP in the upgrade FTP settings. I changed the IP and refreshed the packages list. When I click the install button for the 2.0.10->2.0.11 upgrade, it starts loading admin.php?dispatch=upgrade_center.check. After a couple of minutes, I end up with a blank page.

Surely there’s something simple to fix, right?

Is there a reason you use FTP for upgrade rather than the HTTP built into the cart’s core?

I’m using the admin. If you go to the upgrade center and click on the settings link, you’ll see that it asks for FTP info. This is where I had the wrong server IP.

I leave all that stuff blank (other than what it auto-fills)…

This gets the upgrade data via http just fine for me… No FTP needed nor any IP address.