Upgrade / Backup / Import / Export Stuck On Processing ... Solution

Just a heads-up to anyone ... if you're trying to upgrade, backup, import or export and you're stuck on the Processing screen, you are probably using Chrome v83.

You need to upgrade CS Cart to 4.11.4.SP2 ... there's a bug fix for this problem, as noted in the 4.11.4.SP2 changelog.

[!] Core: Installation and upgrade, backup and restore, export and import, and some other actions didn’t work in Google Chrome v83. Fixed.


This issue (Chrome v83 + cs cart) affects all the versions I checked from 4.3 and above... This is a VERY serious issue. Does anybody know if there is a fix for all those versions (besides 4.11.4 SP2) that are affected?

Details for old CS-Cart versions can be found here


I had the same issue, works in edge firefox etc

Did anyone else still have the issue after updating the ajax.js file exactly the way the instructions mentioned in the two places that needed swapping? Unless I still have some browser cache, it is still an issue on the Chrome 83 I tried - and in incognito mode. Still works fine in FF and Edge though...


copied from file in two places:

Try clearing the cart cache.

Thanks The Tool, that did the trick! I should have known better... ;)

Administration -> Storage -> Clear cache

Thanks for posting this it was driving me crazy!

Does anyone have this issue on 4.12+???

Does anyone have this issue on 4.12+???

We do not face this issue on 4.12.x stores

In case anyone else faces this issue (due to file upload size). The solution:

- Go to local.conf.php

- add code and replace XXXX with your IP address:

if ($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] == 'XXX') {

@ini_set('memory_limit', '1024M');


That should do it!