Upgrade 404 error

I am trying to upgrade 2.014 to 2.015

I receive the following error,

404Page Not Found

The page you have requested cannot be found.

Go backGo to the admin homepage.

As far as I can remember there are no mods to the cart, however cs cart say it is not a bug and want to charge me to look at it.

I notice however in my installed upgrades 2.014 to 2.015 is listed, which seems strange.

Just had a look in


and there is a file upgrade_2.0.14-2.0.15.tgz

and in installed_upgrades.php it lists all the changes for this upgrade, so it seems the upgrade may be installed but the upgrade centre does not think so…

Maybe you could tell us what the URL is that it can’t find so we might offere some suggestions. The upgrade_2.0.14-2.0.15.tgz is actually a directory and is created when the upgrade process starts (your backups will be in there).

whilst trying to do the upgrade the url is


when the 404 error is displayed the url is


Hmm, your first URL would equate to:


which makes no sense at all. Generally, when the template code uses dispatch[controller.mode] it should come out to ?dispatch=controller.mode

So it appears there is some bad code in the upgrade_center controller.

However, the 2nd URL seems to be correct.given that ‘upgrade_center’ is a valid admin controller and ‘backup’ is a valid mode.

This may be something you have to run by the help-desk. Or since cs-cart support seems to be more active in the forums these days, maybe one of them can jump in here with a solution.


I had already run this problem past cs cart, but they just said there is no such bug and I would have to purchase support credits…

So why don’t you just buy some support credits and if they find the problem and it is not an issue you’ve created (i.e. it’s a bug) then they won’t charge you for it. Would be money well spent in this case. What’s it going to cost you? $25?

i have no mods on the cart.

They have told me there is no such bug.

Why should I have to get ripped off?

It may be money well spent for cs cart, but not for me.

Hopefully someone here has experienced this non existent bug, and will provide guidance.

Good luck.

thanks tbirnseth