Upgrade 4.9.3.sp1 - 4.10.1 Failed Migration

I have no mods to the store other than a theme. Has anyone else had this issue.
I have cleared cache before the upgrade and still get this.
Upgrade process of your store has failed
Please restore the pre-upgrade backup manually or via a link sent to your email address, then contact our technical support.
Tech details: Couldn't complete migration 20181227063741_addons_store_locator_modify_store_locations_table.php. Reason: Unknown column 'pickup_surcharge' in 'cscart_store_locations'.
Completed migrations: 18 out of 43.

I have also received this same error with the same Tech details while trying to upgrade from 4.9.3.SP1 - 4.10.1

I have no modifications to the store.

Has anyone found a solution.


I have managed to upgrade my store, in 4.9.3.SP1 I installed the cs-cart store locator add-on and did not fill in any information in the add-on, then in administration/upgrade center I proceeded with the upgrade to 4.10.1 and was successful.

Note: In 4.9.3.SP1 the cs-cart store locator add-on was not previously installed.

During the upgrade to 4.10.1 the cs-cart store locator add-on is automatically replaced by the new cs-cart Stores and pickup points add-on.

I am not sure if this is a bug in the upgrade or was just a problem with my upgrade process.

Thanks heaps.

I was looking at waiting until Monday so this solution helped

me upgrade.