Upgrade 214 to 402


I want to upgrade my site (from my signature) current version 2.1.4 to the last version 4.0.2.

I have two things:

1. It is possible to make this ? … to keep the actual structure category.

I have near to 20 Category + SubCategory

I ask this becouse i Have i try to make this structure on the last version 4.0.2 and look like this (see pic from atachement), is not so …good looking …maybe vertical Menu i dont know if is possible.

2. If anyone can make me a quotation … please.

I want to mention in actual version we use a standard theme.




Should be able to. But you will have to upgrade from 2.1.4 up to 2.2.5 before you can do the store import into 4.0.2.

But you don't have to worry about template conflicts because you won't be using any of them. If you have any customizations, you will need to have those redone to be V4 compatible.