Upgading From 4.3.3.sp1 - 4.3.4 Problem

Hi, i cant seem to upgrade from 4.3.3.sp1 to 4.3.4. It is stuck at the upgrade progress bar. The max_execution_time for my website is 30 seconds. Could it be the cause of that? My website is on a shared server. Please help.

It seems that the upgrade dies due to timeout on your server. Please contact your server administrator and ask him/her to increase Master value and Local value of the max_execution_time PHP directive to maximum possible. If there is no ability to increase these values, we can upgrade your store for support credits. In this case we will disable the backup step in the upgrade process. The backup of your store will be performed before each upgrade. If you agree with it, please contact us via Help Desk and provide temporary FTP access to your server.