Updating products

Since a number of product fields can not be uploaded via import …

what do most of you do to update your product quickly. I have alot of products and going into each one and manually updaing is a drag.

Worse yet…wish there was a back and forward button to go to next product after updating one…hitting save and going back to the product list blows

In another post someone said something about using Navicat

[URL=“Error | Navicat”]Error | Navicat

I have not used this product but may take a closer look…it appears to be a nice front end admin tool for MySQL and undoubtebly would allow you to setup your own import templates to apply import files directly to the appropriate tables in CS Cart.

Of course you have to know the ‘rules’ for product add…but should not be that hard to figure out.

A bit pricey but compared to adding tons of products by hand it’s a drop in the bucket it would seem.

Hi, I’ve been trying to add the products using navicat. I try to add them to the table cscart_products but it doesn’t show up in the online cart, when i do a search. Could you kindly guide me which tables it is that I need to make additions to so I can successfully see the products? This is a thread I started, but not getting any hits :frowning: [url]http://forum.cs-cart.com/showthread.php?p=63016#post63016[/url]