Updating product stock problem (Please help)

Hi Guise

I have managed to set up a site with single and option products with no problems, but there is a problem updating the products which I find very hard to do example.

I run a csv file for product options only to update inventory stock fine, but after doing this all stock for single items become not in stock and vice versa, if I update single products then optional products become out of stock.

What am I doing wrong, is there a tutorial on this, how to update stock between single stock items and multiple option stock items?

I love the look and layout of this script but find it hard to get it up and running in the sense of product stock amounts updating, I can now update my stock which is what I needed to fathom out but when I do I come across the problem described above.

Please help

When you created your product option combinations, did you also create unique SKU numbers for each of these product variants?


I first uploaded all codes, those with and without combinations, for example.

Product code--------------Name -------- Description-----------Option----------Quantity-------------------and so on

N0734-------------- Blabla Blaba-------------- None----------------------------------20

N0735-------------- Blabla Blabla-------------- Chose size colour: S[wicked red,black,shocking pink]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20

After upload I then upload the Product combinations, for example.

N0735 has 3 options and the Product ID belongs to N0735

Product ID--------------Combination code---------------------Comination----------------------------Amount

354433-------------- NS23222-------------- Chose size colour: wicked red---------------3

354433-------------- NS23223-------------- Chose size colour: black----------------------6

354433-------------- NS23224-------------- Chose size colour: shocking pink------------4

I had to filter out all of the Product IDs to match the Product codes from the database and it has taken me weeks, this is what makes cs so hard to update stock.

I hope

this helps you to help me further.

Thanks for your time.