Updating From 4.2.4 To Latest

Ok , its time to update to fix all the bugs of 4.2.4 as 4.3.2 is ready.

Our shared server crashed because the website using 4.2.4 created a cache folder that filled the Disk space. The cache was 19 GB! … there's definitely something wrong with the software! .

Before updating, obviously I need to save all the folder structure and more importantly, the database.

Problem is, the database is over 1GB (WTF) and it gets stuck at “Backing up data for: cscart_stored_sessions

Q1. Can I safely delete all the "cscart_stored_sessions" and "cscart_sessions" tables to attempt to fix this issue?

Update function not working!

  1. Managed to backup the database and save all the files in case the upgrade fails.
  2. Set the file and folder permissions correctly for the entire website, and made sure the .htaccess file in /var/upgrade was correct.
  3. Click on “Install” on the ?dispatch=upgrade_center.manage page…

    I just get the spinning wheel, and then the same page but nothing happens. It does not progress to the next step.
  4. So I tried “Refresh Package List” to no avail.

    The first step “Upgrade center / Upgrade 4.2.4 - 4.3.1” just does NOTHING…

    Nothing happens, Any ideas anyone?

Please send us temporary FTP access so that we can check the issue

Thanks for the offer eComLabs .

I've lodged a ticket with helpdesk regarding this, as surely its a software rather than a server issue.

I still want to fix the bloated Database, so would like some advice…

The cscart_stored_sessions tables alone total over 1GB !!!

Q1: Can I safely delete all the "cscart_stored_sessions" tables without causing any other problems?

Q2: Can I safely delete all the "cscart_sessions" tables without causing any other problems?

Yes, you can. Most possibly saved carts and wishlists will be lost

Ok, thanks.

Deleted the content of the tables but cscart still wont update.

Helpdesk have said its not a cscart bug but a server issue. … maybe it is.