Updates For An Old CS Cart Version

Hello everyone, my name is Derek Juno I have recently been hired as a co-op student for a small eco-lifestyle retailer in Victoria BC Canada. I have been charged with a few tasks that I think are a bit beyond my technical skills so I was hoping someone here could give me some answers.

Over the last few months I have become very familar with adding content and making minor changes to our stores website: http://www.goodplanet.com/ but there are still a lot of thing I am unsure how to do and thus I feel I shouldn't foul around with them. I was also told by my store's owners that when the website was created the developer created “special scripts” which would be lost if the CS Cart version was ever updated. This sounds rediculous to me and I really feel the verson should probably be updated.

I want to add social media buttons to each of my product pages (facebook, twitter, and pinterest) but when I read this post by brandonvd for the pinterest button I am not sure exactly where to put all the script.

Pinterest (Pin It) - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums

This add-on button also looks great but again I am not sure by adding it would I mess up the whole website?

"Facebook" add-on is available for testing. - Upcoming features - CS-Cart Community Forums

Any suggestions would be extremely helpful! I looked at the development team option that CS Cart provides but I am not sure that is what they are meant for.

Thank you all so much I would really appreciate some support.


Your problem lies in the fact that you are using 2.0.8 which was released on September 15th 2009.

This version of your store is twelve versions out of date which is the bulk of the upgrade work.

The skin you have installed (the only thing I see that is custom) will need to be created on the most recent version prior to upgrading the store. Apart from this aspect, I can't see how difficult it would be to upgrade, these 'special scripts' might be trouble-some, but if the store owner believes that, he/she probably doesn't want to pay money to get it recoded.

If you are looking for a price, my suggestion is to ask BrandonVD.