Updated Multi-Vendor And Themes Reset, How To Restore?

Just updated Multi-Vendor to 4.3.7 from 4.3.4, and then updated Vivashop from version 2.2 to 2.6 since 2.2 did not work with 4.3.7. Upgrades went pretty smoothly but my theme and layout changed. Some of my custom updates appear to be present such as colors but my layout has reverted back to a default version and my changes are gone. Question is how to get them back?

I created a backup directory on the server prior to completing the updates and was wondering if there was a way to retrieve the old layout and import into the updated site. Can I import the layout.xml from the backup directory to restore the old layout? I have some programming background but am new to web development and I'm trying to understand file structures and how it all fits together. Tried copying the old backup directory to the public directly to restore it but it did not work since I assume the updates made changes to server files. We are not live yet with our site so worst case is that I have to start the changes from scratch but figure there has to be a way to update the layout.

Any help would be appreciated.



Actually you can export and import layouts on the Design -> Layouts page: