Update To Ez Auto Mail

EZ Auto Mail was updated today to version 4.3.46 to account for a defect introduced into cs-cart 4.3.8 where the internal function fn_get_dir_contents() no longer functions properly.

This is the only change. So if you are 4.3.8 and you notice that the menu for your email templates is empty, then you should receive the update within the next couple of days.

As a reminder, EZ Auto Mail now also fully support transactional emails for Forms as well as Orders, Products purchased, and profiles.

Is it possible to trigger an email once a particular coupon code is used?

Coupons are not currently an 'event'. However, if you want to fully describe behavior (espeically if multiple coupons are used) that you'd like to see, we certainly will consider an extension like this in a future release.