Update Sync Database After Upgrade Dev

I have my dev site upgraded in a subfolder, and would now like to transfer it over to root and sync the databases.

The original store is on 4.3.1 and has been running since uprgading dev in early dec.

dev/new store is 4.4.1

I know i now transfer it to root and make changes but how do I get the database info to sync across correctly to the new store.



Hi John

Would it be worth spending the time and upgrading the 4.3.1 to 4.4.1 so that the database etc are the same in structure?

Just a thought.


Thanks Barry,

YEs thats what I did, had 4.31 upgradede to 4.41 in dev, but have left it a while so now need the orders etc from old, syncing with new and Im good to go.

Im guessing I could just run the upgrade again ??? but error 4.41 not supported.

Ill prob just get alt team to do it for me who did the original upgrade

Hi John

I mean upgrade the 4.3.1 that is live.

I am in a similar boat, I just keep exporting , orders, order items, users etc and checking one against the other and have had no issues.

I will be moving to new site with different domain over xmas period (with a little luck) but assentially I have two sites that apart form appearance and domains mirror each other.