Update Front End Libraries

Hi CS Cart team

I'm a front end developer working with your platform. I'm getting used to it but there are things that makes the development experience not quite good. I usually learn a lot by reading docs but when the version of the library you are using is 10 years old it makes harder to adapt to it. Not all docs have a different page for each version. So for example I'm reading less v.4 docs and you are using v.1 in your platform, there are things that obviously are not going to work. The same thing happens to owl carousel. I mean they have improved a lot in the newer versions, is really that hard to update them within your current system?

Do you have a plan to update any of the front end libraries, like less, bootstrap, font awesome, owl carousel or a way we can update them by ourselves?

Here is a new project for themes: https://github.com/mcer12/CSCZ-Boilerplate