Update Facebook Shop Via Pixel

According to facebook, one can use the FB pixel to automatically load the products from a website to the facebook store. Does this work with CS-CART? Does the default facebook pixel provided with CS-CART meet the FB requirements for this?

I am struggling with this issue. The Facebook Pixel integration by Simtech doesn't seem to work thoroughly. Of the 1700 skus, just 400 are getting pulled in, and most of the inventories are coming in as 0 . Have you made any progess on this issue?

I would also like to know the answer for the question. facebook is big market, is there any addons? thanks!

Please check marketplace. You can find several solutions there

The addons available in the marketplace seem to be only for tracking purposes. None for loading products in the FB store. Any luck anyone?

What about this one?


The one you mention creates an xml file which is then imported to FB. This is a different method and could work, but using the appropriate pixel would be much easier.

Thank you for letting us know it