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Hi all,

we are thinking to buy cs-cart with multiple store fronts and we are testing at the moment if the standard will cover our needs.

I found the most answers in the forum :slight_smile:

I wonder if it is possible to use the function ā€œavailable sinceā€ in the products options to announce that a product is currently not available and will be back in stock at the given date.

With the standard option it show ā€œavailable at DATEā€ but also that it is available from stock if I do not set the stock quantity to 0.

So I wonder if there is the possibility to make an easy request inside the template to replace the ā€œin stockā€ detail by the variable of the release date. In standard both are displayed.

We need this because we do not use the stock quantity function of the online store (and we donā€™t want a communication between ERP software and store for stock quantities). If we set the quantity to 0 it could (will) happen that we forget to set the quantity to 99 after the product arrived in stock.

Thank you for your assistance :slight_smile:

I am afraid, additional code modifications are required to do it


Thank you :slight_smile: What do you mean with code modifications?

Are variables available in the template in standard so that It is possible to modifify the shown details similar like this?

If ā€˜availablesinceā€™ > ā€˜actualdateā€™ ( or maybe !=0 etc.)




Or is it necessary to code an add on or to modify the core (and maybe also the template)

I understand that a standard software could not fit to to all needs but I really wonder who could need this standard function?

If a product will be available in the future, it canā€™t be an available stock item.