Unusual functionality needed 4.0.3 multi vendor

Hi Guys

I am working on a new store that requires a bit of out of the box thinking.

What I need to do is have a price on my products that can be added to the shopping cart and paid for in the normal way.

I also need to be able to give the customer the option to choose to only add the product to the cart as an inquiry so it would have no price at checkout.

I need all the transactions to be passed through the ordering system so we can keep track of what inquiry’s are being made.

Can someone think on a way to achieve this within the current workings of the cart or would a custom modification be required.

I am interested in other peoples ideas on this.



I have come up with one idea that will do this for me,

I have put in a product option with modifier -100% and message tick here to add to basket as inquiry only.

I have then used a took to display a custom message with further instructions instead of the price as 0.00

Now can someone help me get over my next issue.

I have setup the option in one of the products and tested, but when I did an export it exports only the text and check box.

But does not import the modifier information.

Even if I just import the exact file that I exported.

Now how the hell am I supposed to add this option to 5000 + products

is there a format to add an option + modifier to 4.0.3 via upload?

I have tried to add the option as a Global option but same result, I then tried to add the option as a Global option and ticking the add to product as a link. (this must be there for decoration as it does nothing)