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Hy to all

yesterday I have sent my firts newsletter to members… and I have seen that at bottom of newsletter there is not a link to unsubscribe.

The link is show in confirmation email when member subscribe the first time… but… when I send a newsletter why the link doesn’t appear at the bottom?

I have copy the string that appear in updates_subscribed.tpl:



into newsletter_body.tpl

but the link don’t work


at the end don’t appear the string number that identify the member (like 0b7aee83e6eeb006ea292803c7c9478c )

In Itay (and maybe in the rest of the world) is IMPORTANT that at the bottom of newsletter will appear a link to unsubscribe!

Anyone can help me?

You send newsletter without unsubscribe link? :confused:

I did a quick search of the code an found the function fn_add_subscriber is the only place where the unsubscribe_key is set. I was unable to find it being set when sending a newletter. I believe the law requires you to have an unsubscribe link (that works). Write this up as a bug as this will need to be fixed ASAP.

Is it possible that nobody before me have request this? :confused:

Anyway it’s fool if you think add the unsubscribe in the subscribe email confirmation and not in the newsletter footer …

If I want your news now, but not between 1 month… what can I do?

Delete manually a user is not possible if you have many members… and if I receive a newsletter without link for unsubscribe I don’t like it…

I hope you are right with me about this :wink:

Now I’ll go in bug forum and add a new topic.

Many thanks for your help!



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