Hello, I am racking my brain and hope anyone who has used the newsletter system might be able to shine some light. I am trying to use the %UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK feature in my newsletter but it does not send a link when I send out the newsletter. There is no data. When I use the other features like %COMPANY_NAME and %COMPANY_EMAIL they work fine. Obviously I inserted %UNSUBSCRIVE_LINK within the body text of the newsletter without getting any link for the cancellation of the news subscription.
Thanks a lot for the replies on this.

CS CART version 4.12.2.SP2

For a long time, the UNSUBSCRIBE link didn’t work.
I found that CS-Cart fixed it in one of their updates, probably 4.13, as they did some work on the newsletter addon in that release, but I can’t be certain. It works as designed in the current release.

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This may not be a magic recipe to solve your problem directly, but you may want to take a look at our add-on in case you will not find a simple solution.

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This was fixed in 4.11.5:

[!] Add-ons: Newsletters: There were no links in the email to unsubscribe from the newsletter. Fixed.

Please check if the changes from the attached .diff file exists in your installation and that the newsletter_batch_recipients table of your database has the subscriber_id column.