Unproper Cart promotion functionality for multivendor edition

Hello everyone,

I found that the functionality of promotion option is same in all CS-Cart editions.

While in multivendor edition there should be some more conditions variants to set associated with vendors.

For example:

  1. You can not make any promotion based on one or few vendors. If you do some promotion in your store, it will affect all vendors on your site. (all you can do is add all vendor/s products one by one and that can be thousands)

    In that case there must be “condition” where we can define/pick vendors.

  2. You can not also make promotion based on product price (or its bugged).

    As you know shipping rate is different for different vendors and even rate is same costumer still must pay shipping cost for all different vendor orders.

    I want to make free shipping if costumer pays more than lets say 50$ for product (not for total sum). while doing that i choose condition “product price” and set it to greater than 50. Now what happens:[list]

    []Costumer bought something priced more that 50 - [color=#008000]He got free shipping[/color]

    ]Costumer bought something priced more than 50 plus few lower priced products from same vendor - [color=#008000]He got free shipping[/color]

    [*]Costumer bought something priced more than 50 plus some lower priced products from other vendors - [color=#ff0000]He still got free shipping for all vendors[/color]


    I think this is a bug or there must be “condition” where we can define - if products belongs same, different or picked vendors

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but its useless to have promotion option in multivendor edition if you can not set conditions like that. (Tested in 2.2.4 and 3.0.1 version)

You're absolutely right about the promotion options being quite useless for multivendor.

I'm actually working on something related to what you are discussing right now, and it's quite likely I can help you do what you want to do.

I'm currently adding a condition for shipping options, since some of our vendors have their own shipping method with their own terms and conditions, rates etc. and a new bonus type to allow free shipping for specific methods. Unfortunately this is a million times more complicated than it should be.

Hello Camdenzone

any success? :)