Unitheme A Little Function?

I want to make it look like in the picture I use. How can I do it? I want the long category descriptions to be like the picture. There is such support in the temple, but I could not.



I will apply the site address and function location:


Hi, use SEO filters addon (from SEO package) it will add this feature.


I would like to ask you about your add-on ; https://cs-cart.alexbranding.com/en/seo-package.html

Is that SEO package encrypted IonCube or ZenD? or Open Source just like CS-CART?

If it's Open Source just like CS-CART, I am very interested. but if it's IonCube encrypted or ZEND encrypted , then I am not interested.

Please let me know, thanks!


All 10 addons have some closed part of code (to check licenses) but not IonCube and Zend encrypted (they can be customized, if you need)