Unit Testing Addons?

So in this thread over here:


It's mentioned we don't access to the unit tests, which are mentioned in the developer guide over here:


I'm guessing this is how one would make use of the Tygh/Tests folders throughout cscart? Is there any way to break this out for a particular addon? So for example addons/paypal has unit testing.

Not quite clear on what you're wanting to test. Any unit tests against the cs-cart core (regardless of coverage) would be run by cs-cart developers before release (I'd hope). Running this against an installation with additional addons would probably NOT reveal anything about the quality/correctness of the addons.

What exactly are you wanting to achieve?

I'm writing an addon and I was hoping to use the structure cs cart has in place in order to write unit tests for it. I was wondering if SIMTech might have some suggestions