Unique two "stores" under one umbrella solution being created by us

We wanted to share with members that the unique solutions we have been working with CS-Cart and one is as an example

Customer requirement

Two “stores” under one umbrella. Each “store” would have a different header and left navigation, but they would share the same cart/checkout. These stores can be searched separately or together (“entire mall”)

We want to share that the unique template we have already created for the solution


We hope to have the project completed in next 7 to 10 days.

This shows our commitment to this community and the capability to what unique solutions we can provide.

Thanks for all the support and looking forward to work more on such unique solutions.


How much will this cost? That would work perfect for my store, if the price is right.

yeah how much?

I want to see a working demo when your done lol

also can the 2nd store have another domain?

I’m also interested in this.

Im interested too.

To all who have asked to update when the project is completed.

Here is the link… the project is getting completed and can be viewed at


The link above does not seem to work.

[quote name=‘xkevin’]The link above does not seem to work.[/QUOTE]

the link is fixed

Link still not working “white page hanging” m8