Unique option variants without modifiers

I and my clients have always disliked the options variant modifiers and feel like it causes unnessecary difficulties when selling goods that feature variants.

I would like to see the current variant fields replaced with:


Variant Name


List Price




So instead of:

Product A base price is £25.00 and variant A is +0.00 but variant B is +5.00

It would be:

Product A does not have a base price but variant A is priced at £25.00 and variant B is priced at £30.00 and so on.

Then on all areas of the cart where that product appears the price would display as ‘From £25.00’

I tried to implement this myself but when I realised that the modifiers tie into the reports, reward points, promotions etc. I couldn’t work it out.

I entirely agree.

One of my sites - they sell Jewelry with fixed prices and variants that are very difficult to sum up and have equal what they need to.

For example, try creating a product that can be large or small, and in silver or 14k gold.

Everyone knows the price difference between a large and small gold object is different than a large and small silver object.

This cannot be priced accurately with the current options model. The ratios between options don’t work with the current modifier system - there needs to be an override.

I agree with this.

I need it too.


I understand exactly what you guys are saying, however I still don’t understand how you are going to price your products if you have multiple options/variants working this way? an option for small and large and an option for silver or gold, how are you going to price this? it seems the way it works now is the best solution, can you explain in more detail?

To get practical…

I have a pendant - it comes in three sizes (weights) and one is silver, while the other is gold.

I don’t make them, I get them from a supplier who insists on us using their retail prices.

Silver item is $30.95, 32.95, 36.95

Gold item is $85.00, $99.00, $139.00

The way they are arranged in CS-Cart, I have had to separate the silver and gold items apart and have single variants by size.

Try it - with any combination of absolute or percentage prices. One would think that pecentages would work - and I suppose if the company liked weird prices they could base the price on the 1oz of silver at $12 and 1oz of gold at $975 dropping an alloy to maybe $675 oz and then weigh the pendants and find the weight percentages and then charge for the pendants based on weight alone.

But that assumes there is no greater difficulty in working with silver over gold, etc etc. Point being that forcing variations to be mixed aggregates or multipliers works fine for a configuration environment where every piece has a fixed rate and you add up all of your options to get a final price.

Variants do not always work that way. I mean it is fine if I have t-shirts or collar shirts in black red or green and in five sizes - but how often do variants with multiples colors, sizes and materials work that way?

I think the variations in materials is the main issue - raw material or production cost differences cannot be factored in using the variant system as it stands now.

My issue is that the pendants are cosmetically identical in designs - only the weights and materials are different. Listing two items means I have to create a related item jump for folks who land on one option to visit the other.

My recommendation in the bug tracker was that since option combinations are either manually added or rebuilt based on the options variants, perhaps a price and weight override could be assigned to the variant combos associations table so that if a person needed to account for an odd price or shipping weight that didn’t follow the variant aggregation logic, they could do so.

If no override values are entered, the price is calculated from the options variants as usual.

+1 for this.

I have the same issue. I have two variants on a lot of my products. Size and Color. Black Glavanized is always more expensive than stainless steel, but the price difference of that color option is not a simple percentage or fixed value. It differs from one size to the next.


I think you have tried to use options that are not needed!

You have… gold light (gl), medium (gm), heavy (gh) and silver light (sl), medium (sm), heavy (sh)

Why not have Silver light as base price and in options make only one option with six variants ie gl +54.05, gm + 68.05, gh + 108.05 and sl +0, sm + 2, sh + 6

I have done this and it works!



You can also set up with options Gold and Silver and size, just set 6 sizes then use exceptions to only allow correct selections.