Unfinalized Orders?

Trying out version 12 here, and I already see something that would drive me crazy if it can’t be fixed or modded… is there any way to see an order on the order list that has not been paid for yet?

I tried a test order, and could not see it in the admin until it was “paid” for on the customer end. I realize lots of users probably don’t want their admin cluttered up with abandoned orders, but they provide me lots of valuable information.

Is there a setting I’m missing, or a mod available, or some way to adjust the code so that this information is available in the orders list?

CS cart is promising, I see lots of other features I really like! I hope there’s an answer to this one.


Unpaid orders should show up as either “Open” or “Failed”. Does the order appear in the Dashboard? If so, review your (saves) serach settings for Orders->View orders to see if you have restricted the included order statuses. Also, note the dropdown right next to the word “Orders” at the top of the page - it allows you to use different saved searches.


No, unfortunately I am not seeing my unpaid test orders in dashboard or via searching for all orders.

The test order that I “paid” for (logged in as Customer Customer, paid “by phone” to avoid entering credit card data in the test cart) does appear as an open order. I then placed several other items in the cart while logged in as Customer Customer, then logged out and added a few more items to the cart without logging in at all, as if it were a different shopper.

I would expect those two orders to appear in the admin panel somewhere, but they just don’t. Tried to search by “all” and by “open” and no joy. :confused:

I even reviewed the table rows in the database and they didn’t seem to be there either. Now, I am no SQL guru so that may not mean anything :wink: but is it possible that when people add stuff to the cart, it just exists in their ram or cache and does not even hit the database until they sign in? I hope not…

Thanks for your help!

Woohoo, found it!

The data I’m looking for appears under Users/User Carts.

Thanks again for the suggestion.

The product information is stored in the cscart_user_session_products until a customer completes his order. Once the customer completes checkout, the order is written to the various cscart_orders_* tables You situation is strange because it is contrary to one complaint that many users have: all orders - even those that failed payment - are issued order numbers and appear in the admin area.


Unfortunately, you cannot do much with this information. If you search for “abandoned cart”, you will find several threads in the forum. In particular, there is this feature request in the Bug Tracker:


You might want to add your comments to the feature request to nudge the developers.


No offence, but love your responses Bob.

There is a fair bit going into ‘bug tracker’ from what I can read on this forum.!!

Is this telling me CS-Cart is still not a mature product or just got a lot of fixing up to do before it becomes a serious competition?

I hope the developers are keeping up with the bg tracker and delivering as well on this small issues because reading this forum there is a hell of alot of reference to bug tracker and I am loving many things in CS-Cart but worried on the other end that this is still an incomplete project specially the order duplication for me.

I shall keep tracking and wait patiently for my request in the bug tracker.

CS-Cart is considerably more capable than many other more “mature” offerings. Whether or not it fits your needs is for every storeowner to decide.

I encourage bugs and feature requests - note that many of these items are, in fact, feature requests - be added to the Bug Tracker so that everything is in a single, consolidated place. The developers, for better or worse, do not typically hang out in the forums so that complaints and suggestions made here rarely reach them. The forums are, however, a great place to toss around ideas before making a report in the Bug Tracker.

The developers do keep on top of the Bug Tracker even if they are not attending to things based on any individual’s priorities. That is why I urge people to add their comments to bug reports and feature requests: it is the only user voice we have. I have often seen anywhere between 5 and 7 of the developers online during about a one-hour timeframe; they appear to be going through the Bug Tracker evidenced by the changing of statuses and responses from them.


Actually, Bob, I’m not as strange as you think. (Some would disagree, but… ;))

For me the abandoned cart info is right where it belongs. It’s information I rely on, but my current cart does assign an invoice number and leave it there in the product list to be confused with paid orders! Finding this info available, but elsewhere, is a welcome feature.

The thread you referenced was interesting, and I probably will contribute at some point. For now I have a couple key uses for unfinalized orders:

  1. Helps me to see what people aren’t quite buying… maybe they want quantities and my stock is too low? Price is too high? Crummy picture, maybe? Or I see that item in the cart and get the same emailed question every time, ovbviously I need to give more info in the product description.

  2. When I get a phone call asking questions about the products or store policies, people LOVE when I say, “Let’s see, did you put a dozen widgets and a clevostat in the cart?” Often I can answer the question and take a payment over the phone, since I know exactly what they intended to buy.

    I once tried a cart that did not show this information at all, and was surprised how disabling it felt not to have it. In most cases I don’t see contact info that would allow me to send a discount email or whatever, but the generic data is still useful.

The “strange” remark was a result of a misunderstanding - I thought you were looking for ‘Open’ order in View orders and they were not displayed. You actually sound pretty normal to me - well, so far, at least.:wink:

I think cart abandonment tools are important; they can help to identify problems and they should also allow follow-up with that "almost " sale. CS-Cart fails in the last regard but I hope we eventually see improvements.