Unconventional Shipping Address

Has anyone run into a situation where the purchaser has such a weird shipping address that the system won’t pass it through to the next checkout step?

Address: 3rd house SW of XXth street

Address, line 2: Magnolia St.

The user claims that UPS ships there all the time, but how could he possible get through any checkout with that address?


This guy’s house has an address. I’m absolutely certain people do deliver to his house all the time.

However, his credit card company can’t verify a nebulous address to process his card. Plus, I don’t see this being a valid delivery address.

Yeah I even saw the property on google maps, but we still couldn’t process it.

Hah, just got another one, maybe i’m just sheltered.

This was for Brooklyn. It was just an apt# without a street address, and the address was accepted to my disbelief.

i.e. John Doe, Apt # 12, Brooklyn, NY

It was written just like that with the space between Apt, # and 12.