Uncheck use billing address and always show address at checkout

Hi all,

I have a little problem. Customers usually order gifts on our site that they send to someone else. But some people just don’t see the checked box where it says “Ship to billing address” and then call us with their problem. Or they fill in the name of the receiver at the billing address, which is even worse.

so my first question:

How do I change the standard checked box (ship to billing address) to standard unchecked in version 2.12?

Then my second issue:

The second time people order, they usually want to send their gift to someone else then with their first order. But the cart skips the address part when checking out on an existing account. How can I change this? I would like to make it so that the customer always sees the address part so he can easily change the shipping address.

Thanks a lot for any help!!


P.S. we use 2.12 and switched back to multi page checkout which works much better: less calls of people who don’t get it and much higher conversion. We immediately started selling 15% more after switching! Just though you might like that info.

Did you ever figure it out? Thanks

This is an experiment

No time right now to really follow it through.

Create a file of


if( !empty($_SESSION['cart']) )
$SESSION['cart']['ship_to_another'] = true;

This should force the ‘ship_to_another’ cart variable to be true and eliminate the link to the “use billing” stuff.

But again, this is experimental and you should test thoroughly before using in a production environment.

tbirnseth, Thanks for your help. I will look into it when I have more time. (btw: there’s a little typo in the quicklinks on your site)

I also mailed CS-cart about this and they advised me to consider their custom development service.

My reply:

If you could give me a quote to make these things we can choose them in the admin area maybe I can find some users who want to share the costs with me.

I think it’s very strange though that these choices don’t exist yet. Me and a lot of other CS-cart users get calls because of these 2 things. Especially older people just don’t see the checkbox and don’t understand they can click back to the address part.


@ Geekfarmer - If they come back with a big figure I will ask a developer to fix this for me, I will let you know any progress I make but I’m planning to get this done in a week or so.


Joe (who is a member here) fixed this for me. You can contact him through PM and he will get it done for a reasonable price.

Hi Flow, What is Joe's handle. I need this done too.