"Unassigned" images

Greetings all!
Quick question. When I replace images of products and run the “clean generated thumbnails” option, by any chance does that also get rid of the original image that is no longer being used or assigned to any product?
If not, is there any (easy) way to remove images that are no longer being used so it’s not eating up hosting space?

The Clean up generated thumbnails function can never delete the original images.

By default, when you remove a category, product, or any other entity that has its own images, those images are removed along with that entity, so there should be no leftover images that are no longer in use. I am afraid there is no easy way to find such images, but you can try to match the filenames in the images folder with the filenames stored in the image_path column from the cscart_images table of the database of your store.