Unable to Upload Product Image from Local

I installed 2.0.6 and I love all the changes and improvements from 1.x.

My only problem is I cannot upload product images from my local computer when adding/editing products. My permissions in the images and all sub-folders is 777.

Anyone else experienced this problem or have suggestions?

Try different browser, Firefox or Chrome. Also, try to disable your firewall for the time being.

ah, it works in IE, but not my default Firefox (my preference). I guess this is another bug with Firefox too.

I also realized that when you click the “View Larger Image” when looking at product detail, Firefox doesn’t display the enlarged picture inside the pop-up window properly… it’s about halfway down the window. Any fixes for that besides using IE, because most people don’t use IE anymore.

What about any pop up blockers with your toolbar? Try to disable it first.