Unable to see admin panel


For some reason im unable to see my admin panel despite my sight being live and people interacting with it. Furthermore the site interactions (add to cart etc) is having issues.

Ive looked at the server side and VPS providers have shown no issues.

Can someone assist in helping diagnose the issue here

Looked at error logs and saw this crash. How can I repair this file/table?

Like it says, try to repair the table. It has to be done server side using phpmyadmin or similar.

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Sometimes this happening, MySQL, on my side for table ‘cscart_sessions’ or ‘cscart_stored_sessions’ and repair never worked so my solution was to DROP the table and CREATE it again.

In your case is ‘cscart_cache_handlers’ and based on your version VALUES can be different and if you have a database backup you can extract it from there.

Please PM me if you need technical assist with this matter.