Unable to restore database


I am trying to copy my database from my current website to my backup website, so I can perform an upgrade there. I have downloaded the database from my current website to both my local computer and the backup website directory. Then I tried to upload it through the admin of my backup website by going to the Databases section, then selecting the database and clicking Restore. This is the message I get :

Restoring database from file: dump_04122011.sql.tgz


Warning: fopen(/…/httpdocs/dev/var/database/backup/dump_04122011.sql) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /…/httpdocs/dev/controllers/admin/database.php on line 129

So then I tried to upload it locally from my computer, and this is the message :

Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: File exists in /…/httpdocs/dev/core/fn.fs.php on line 114

Any ideas anyone? This is getting very frustrating!

database backup source website and one you are trying to restore it to locally are same cs-cart versions?

Well I think so… i copied all the files from my current website to the backup website by FTP. Is this correct way to do it?

I just checked versions in the admin sections, and they are both 2.010

[quote name=‘mikee’]I just checked versions in the admin sections, and they are both 2.010[/QUOTE]

I always upgrade store like this:

say live store 2.1.1, make backup, install 2.1.1 on locahost, restore backup db to it, update it to latest

then install latest on live server 2.1.4 and restore updated db to it, never get any errors. (actually I restore db to latest cart installed to some available not used domain, later switch public_html with VPS file manager and set proper file ownership).

But I want to backup to a subdirectory on my website (so in case I have any problems during update modification other people can see it). Do you know why I have those errors?

Hello Mikee,

We are sorry to hear that you experience such a problem.

It seems that the first error occurred because the necessary file is deleted from your CS-Cart version, but it is needed for execution of the script. As regards the second problem, it occurred because some file is duplicated in the CS-Cart installation.

By the way, this problem requires more thorough investigation on your server in order that we could let you know the exact reason for the errors for sure. Please contact us via Customer Help Desk: [url]http://cs-cart.com/helpdesk[/url] and provide temporary FTP access to your server.