Unable to restore database error 404 URGENT

Upgraded from 4.61.1 to 4.16.2 and cant open store front, i get this with open store front links missing

I have been playing around with it for 2 hours and decided to restore the database Screenshot by Lightshot

but this wont restore anything it taes me to a 404 page.
so I am left with a closed store, but have limited admin access, even though a lot of admin functions wont work, like save changes, or enable users,It seems as if it is a permissions issue.
any help is appreciated

SO…I thought Id quickly copy all my files over to subdirectory and try to retore the database from there.

I didnt have to as after Id copied them, took me 15 minutes, I went to www/mysitecotcom/new_directory/admin.php and that allowed me to see the open storefront page corectly and open the store at /
why ?

Although now if I go to my main store admin, the open/close storefront is still blank on the live site, but at least the store front is working now.

the strange thing is, I have copied these files to /subdirectory and the admin now works using that new url, but Id like to be able to find out why it wont work in root

If you have made an update through regular means (via Upgrade Center, without development mode enabled), on your e-mail address a message should be sent, which contains a restore link.
So once you notices some serious issues with store after upgrade, you should use that link to restore the previous version and try the upgrade again or contact with CS-Cart Support.

It’s hard to determine what could go wrong without a full picture of your store and your server.

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the restore link wouldnt work as it said FTP credentials were wrong,"cs-cart didnt exist on server " BUT…I couldnt chnge the ftp credentials in admin either, it just didnt react when I clicked it.

the checklist is

  • check correct host and path in the config.local.php
  • log in the phpMyAdmin, check URL in the cscart_companies (for CS-Cart) and cscart_storefronts (for Multi-Vendor) tables
  • delete the var/cache directory manually
  • check the result
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It may have been the cdn being enabled caused problems after upgrade which wont alllow opening of store after upgrade aswell as the below,*posted in bug tracker as I cant test on demo, but the same happened on my dev and also live site.
I just waitied till Midnight GMT to test again, so added the tick to enable cdn (that has been working for years) as the problems returned

Store builder , upgrade to 4.16.2 after upgrade if cdn is enabled ,
can’t restore database in admin = 404
change order status = 404
Save changes doesnt work Screenshot by Lightshot
User group edits doesnt work
Save customer data doesnt work
Enable disabled customer doesnt work
Cant remove tick from CDN to fix, so had to restore database from PHPmyadmin as restore in admin doesnt work.
And a few more things…but mainly the problem is
dispatch=companies.update&company_id=1 doesnt show any details to enable to open store after upgrade

which is critical