Unable To Resize Thumb Image On Product Details Page


How to change the thumb image on product details page? Checked all options on Settings->Thumbnails but can't find a solution to change the thumb image size. The size is too small than usual. After the upgradation of the software, we are facing this issue. Please check the screenshot.

Please take a look


I didn't mean to change the size of the smaller image under the main larger thumb image on product details page. I was trying to change the main thumb image on product details page currently which is very smaller than usual. What we set the value from Settings-->Thumbnails --->Product details page thumbnail width, the image size remain same and very small. Previously uploaded products looks ok but whatever we upload now it looks too small by default.

For example, please check the link below of our newly uploaded product


We uploaded comparatively bigger size image and the size on "Product details page thumbnail width" remain bigger but still the image shows very small. We tried to put different pixel size on "Product details page thumbnail width" but the main thumb image size remain the same smaller always.

Well, seeing the path of the image its very clear that you have uploaded the image with a low resolution.

Yes, it looks like main image is 300x289 only