Unable to read resource


I have made an change with hooks.


It didn’t work for me so I have removed it. Now I’m getting the following error:

Unable to read resource: /home/users/babihftp/babiesnl.com/skins/basic/customer/addons/my_changes/hooks/index/footer.post.tpl

It’s still asking for the file when it’s not there. Also cleared the cache but still showing the error.

Now I’ve placed the file back again. Only now it’s empty. After this the error is gone.

Why do I have to place the file back while I don’t want to use it?

Permission problem on your site. Depending on version, clear the cache manually. For v2, use var/compiled. For v3, use var/cache (template cache is in cache directory in v3). But best to fix permission problems and use ?cc.