Unable to login, login captcha not working

Im just about finished customising a cs cart shop but now for some reason the login captcha isnt working as it should. The captcha seems to work some times but other times it will just fail, i managed to login 7 times in a row but i then had 5 captcha fails. Ive checked through all my code and it seems correct, but then im not exactly sure what ive editied or which files control the login.

Any suggestions / ideas, you can try the login here www.tigeris.co.uk

Login with the user: TEST and the password: TEST

I suppose one option would be to disable the login captcha (is that possible?) only im not sure if the captchas are working throughout the site i really dont know where to look.


Just tried and all was ok!

Can’t try again coz of cookies (no captcha)

Nice site though!

Thanks Barry,

It seems to work fine sometimes but other times the captcha just wont work.

I keep getting the error missing or invalid confirmation code, if you can clear your cookies after logging in im almost certain you’ll get the same error. Its really strange, havent been able to get my head around it so far.